Car Repair Hialeah

Car Repair Hialeah
Cost Saving DIY Tips On Car Repair In Hialeah

The cost of car repair in Hialeah is increasing at an alarming rate. So, you do not need to go to a mechanic shop or dealership to fix all your car problems. You can fix certain problems yourself using the right equipment. You will save money, resources, and time by doing maintenance and repairs yourself. Here are a few simple Do It Yourself car repair tips.

Some Useful tips on DIY Car Repair in Hialeah

1) Windshield wipers

Changing your car’s wipers is not a difficult task. It is easy and you can do it in about 15 minutes. But you must read your car’s owner manual because wiper setup for every car is not the same. Here are the basic steps on how to change your windshield wipers:

    Stand upright but bent forward a bit close to your car windshield
    Thereafter, lift up the wiper blades as if you are about to wash your car’s windshield. Then remove the old blades of each wiper.
    At this point, take note of the connection between the old blades and their metal arms.
    You will notice there is a tab on the base of each wiper, push the tab up a bit. Thereafter, remove the old wiper blades.
    At this point, attach the new wiper blades to the tab of the metal arms. Be careful and avoid bending the new wiper arms or even scratching your windshield. Thereafter, secure and tighten the new wipers fixers.

Note: The package for the new wipers comes with a general set of instruction on changing car wipers.

2) Oil and Oil Filter

Car experts suggest you change your car oil in every 3000 miles of journey covered. You will need a spanner, ratchet, oil filter wrench, oil pan, and funnel to change your car’s oil and oil filter. This is an easy task that you can do in 30 to 45 minutes. Do not change the oil in your car when the engine is hot. Park and be patient for your car to cool. Here are the basic steps to follow to change your car oil and oil filter:

    Use a recommended car jack to jack up your car. Thereafter, go under the car to locate the exact position of the oil pan. This is not difficult to find because it is not in any hidden place.
    Using the spanner, loosen and remove the drain plugs. Thereafter, allow the old oil to drain into the oil pan. Tighten the drain plugs to replace them into their respective positions.
    At this point, you will have to get out from underneath your car.
    Go to your engine and locate the position of the oil filter. Thereafter, unscrew and remove the old filter using your oil filter wrench. Be careful so you do not soil your engine with oil because the filter contains oil.
    You will have to use the new oil to lubricate the new rubber gasket of the new filter. Thereafter, fill the new filter with the new oil to a twothird level.
    Screw and tighten the new oil filter into position. Thereafter, use a funnel to pour and fill your engine with the new oil.
    Use the dipstick to double check the level of oil in the engine. This is to ensure you added the right amount of oil needed to keep your engine safe and lubricated.
    You will need to recycle the old oil to keep the environment safe. Thereafter, discard the removed filter oil in the appropriate waste disposal place.

Changing your oil is one of the dirtiest DIY tasks of car repair in Hialeah but it is rewarding.

Car Repair Hialeah

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